Tech Spec

Full studio specification

Mixing desk:

Allen & Heath GS3000 inline recording console 24:8:2


Adam S1X with Adam Sub10 Mk2

Analogue outboard:

TL Audio C2021 valve compressor
Klark Teknik DN500 compressor/limiter/expander
Eventide Eclipse effects processor
TC Electronic M One effects processor
Eventide Timefactor dual delay pedal
S-Cat/Oram Dub Siren
Benchmark MPA1 2 channel mic pre amp


Prism Sound Lyra
Orion Antelope

Windows 10 PC running Pro Tools 10 and 11
Plug ins:
Slate digital – everything bundle, ssd platinum
Waves – h delay, kramer tape, NLS, nx, puigchild, puigtec eq, reel adt, v eq4, vocal rider
Soundtoys – SieQ, little primal tap, little alterboy
Mathew Lane – DrMS
Flux – Elixir
Metric Halo – dirty delay
Eventide – stereo room, ultrachannel, ultrareverb
Softube – Summit tla100, trident a range

Groove tubes GT57 x 2
Groove tubes GT44 x2
Shure – beta 52, beta 91, beta 98a x 3, beta 57a x 2, beta 87a, beta56, sm57 x 4, sm58 x 2
AKG – 414, C451e x 2, C451c x 2
Beyerdynamic – m88, m201, m260

Instruments & backline:

MTD KZ4 bass with aguilar pickups
Aguilar tonehammer 350
Aguilar DB112
Set of 3 Natal congas
Natal bongos
Various percussion

Music studio in Ipswich, UK