Sounds & videos

Listen to some of the tracks I’ve worked on. I hope you enjoy them

This is a co-composition from the Dub Colossus album Addis To Omega. As well as playing on the album, I was recording engineer, and co produced  and mixed some of the tracks:

This is one of my remixes: of a track from the aforementioned Dub Colossus album:


This is a co-composition, on which i also played percussion, for an album by Samuel Yirga. Released on Real World Records:


This is a track that I mastered:


This was recorded live, and mixed by myself. Recorded at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, part of a project called The Irish Sea Sessions, which ran for a few years as part of Liverpool Irish Festival. This one has Damien Dempsey on lead vocal:

Another one from the Irish Sea Sessions, this time featuring Niamh Parsons on the lead vocal:

This one’s from the 2012 Sea Sessions, featuring Pauline Scanlon:


This is from the album Road To Damascus, by Syriana. the vocals were recorded by me during a trip to Damascus with the band in 2010:

Music studio in Ipswich, UK